About us

Pastor Winfried Bauer (52) is the founder and leader in charge of OASIS Ministries International. He and his wife Lydia have three children (Jennifer, Denise and Marc).

For ten years, Winfried led the Christus Centrum Oasis in Lilienthal, near Bremen in north-west Germany. Since 2004 they are traveling internationally as conference speaker and consultant for churches and ministries.

During a visit to the Toronto Airport church (now TACF) in July 1994, his life and ministry were fundamentally changed. In the course of practical church work, there built up in him a ‘holy dissatisfaction’ with the present state of our churches. He  dismayed at the lack of insight in so many areas of church life and at the lack of understanding of practical leadership.

Consequently, the
restoration of the fivefold ministry has become a topic of central importance for OASIS Ministries.

Alongside church-planting, we want to work with churches who are likewise seeking change and yearn for nothing more fervently than the Lordship of Jesus Christ in their midst. For this purpose, OASIS Ministries was set up, as a non-denominational body. It now works in a various countries of the world.